Sunday, July 18, 2010

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BODMAS Maths Centre is a unique space in the heart of Ang Mo Kio with a mission to bring out the best in every child through coaching (tuition), enrichment, and life-skills curriculum. We strive for more than academic excellence, and aim to instill a life-long love of learning and wholesomeness. We are now in Hougang block 682 as well.

BODMAS Maths Centre currently conducts the following classes:

* BODMAS weekly tuition classes,
* Parent-child bonding through Maths workshops,
* Speech Matters classes,
* Creative Maths enrichment classes, {Every Sunday 1.30pm}
* Soulkids essential life-skills for children. {Call 9106 3102 for details on our next workshop}

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Vision

BODMASmaths mission:

To bring out the best in every child beyond academic excellence.

BODMASmaths vision:

For each & every child, who comes to learn, may his rate of improvement be only a fraction of his time. With each passing lesson, may the doubts which he bears be subtracted, his mathematical concepts be added & multiplied, on the surface & in depth and from all angles. May he confidently integrate this new found interest, into his daily capacity, share 100% with those around him, thus, be a symbol of BODMASmaths teachings.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Programmes

BODMAS weekly tuition schedules can be found on 'Our Schedules' page. Thank you for your interest, we'll be glad to help you.

Our upcoming Parent-Child workshop is on : (call 9101 8188 for details)
Registration is 100% necessary. We cannot take walk-ins as our humble space is very limited (to 8 parent-child).
Venue : Our Humble Place
Fee : $30 for a parent & a child

Time 1 : 10am - 12pm
Age group of children : 6yrs old -8yrs old

Time 2 : 1pm - 3pm
Age group of children : 9yrs old -12yrs old

Speak and be understood!
Speech Matters is a weekly class to improve communication skills and language clarity. Lessons are fun and enriching, giving children confidence in public speaking.

Day : Every Tues, 4pm - 5pm, starting in Aug 2010.
Venue : Our Humble Place
Fee : $100 a month for all levels
Registration Fee : $30 ( 1 time payment )

Creative Maths Enrichment
Day : Every Sunday
Time : 1.30-3pm for primary level
Fee : $30 per lesson; sign up for a term of 12 lessons & pay for only 11.
Registration Fee : $30 ( 1 time payment )

Next workshop dates:c call 9106 3102 for details;
Time: 10am~4pm (Age: 6~15yrs)
Fee: $399 (including lunch and refreshments)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Schedules

P1 MON 5.30-7PM
P2 MON 4-5.30PM
P3 FRI 6-7.30PM
P4 SUN 9.30-11AM
P5 TUE 3.30-5PM
P6 THU 4-5.30PM

SEC1N THU 5.30-7PM
SEC1E SUN 9.30-11AM
SEC2N FRI 3-4.30PM
SEC2E MON 7-8.30PM
SEC3N SUN 11-12.30PM
SEC3E (EM) FRI 5-6.30PM
SEC3E (AM) WED 6-7.30PM
EM 'O' PREP WED 7.30-9PM
AM 'O' PREP SAT 3-4.30PM

Friday, July 9, 2010


From Reka Mohan (A1-A Maths & A1-E Maths; 2006 GCE 'O' level)

I was tutored in Mathematics by Ms Blossom Yo from the time I entered Secondary One to my graduation in Secondary 4. I had found Mathematics in Primary School challenging and difficult to cope with and faced similar difficulties in the early part of Sec 1. However once I started being tutored by Ms Blossom, I found that my results in Mathematics never dropped below an A2 and that I often topped class tests and examinations. This was almost undoubtedly due to Ms Blossom’s tutoring techniques. She was very patient with me and put in a lot of effort in ensuring that I understood the concepts. She addressed all of my questions and if we did not have time to cover some questions in one session she would ensure that she covered them in the next session even if I had forgotten about them. I often looked forward to the tuition sessions as Ms Blossom treated me like her own daughter and gave me great advice about other areas in my personal life. She kept in touch with me even after I had stopped being tutored by her and her caring personality and teaching methods touched me and played a great role in my success in my future academic endeavours as well. She was truly the best tutor I ever had and I strongly believe that she is capable of tutoring anyone to achieve outstanding results and consistent success in any endeavour.

From Dhiviya Mohan(A1-A Maths & A1-E Maths; 2004 GCE 'O' level)

Mr. Tang is a very dedicated and capable tutor who always goes the extra mile in ensuring his students achieve the best result possible. He never fails in motivating his students to strive for excellence and always ensures he solves the most complex of problems. He is truly inspirational and builds a good rapport with each of his students so that they become comfortable and confident to realise their true potential.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

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